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Reasons to Die:

  1.  I can never move house.
  2. I can never get a new job, a job i am actually good at.
  3. I can never have any friends.
  4. I can never recover.
  5. I have always, and will always, fail at everything i ever attempt.
  6. I am controlled by numbers.
  7. I can't stand anything.
  8. I am ugly as sin.
  9. I can not care about anything, except for all of my failings.
  10. I am tired.

I can never move house.

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I don't know you,
I know you suffer from an eating disorder (I follow the group proanorexia)and I know that's not easy.
I know it's impossible to even try and focus on the good side,
And I don't want to sound corny but maybe, maybe you don't even need the pro's to outweigh the con's in this situation because if you feel there are more reasons to die then live that's what you feel, but remember you're alive. There are people who will never get the chance to live, they'll die young, they'll live a life in a wheelchair thinking perfectly normally but they wouldn't have the ability to actually make a sound. I'm not trying to tell you you're life isn't miserable, but maybe, maybe things will get better and maybe until then think about the poeple who are dying to live and never quite beat the dying.

sorry this is out of line,

you over simplify. what outwardly appear as starkly opposing binaries, namely life and death, are by no means safe from deconstruction.

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